Technical and Business Documentation

Provide documentation for in-house software and business procedures. Not only do we provide user guides easily stored online or in other formats, but also facilitate the communication between IT & business departments, update both documentations and provide training on your procedures.

More importantly we listen, discuss and offer options to help guide you in the right direction.


We specialize in user guides for in-house software developed within companies. Our approach is two-fold. Firstly, in collaboration with the IT department we understand and learn the application. It is during this period that we usually start to write the user guide, from a technical point of view. It is also an opportunity to update the technical documentation, such as functional specifications.

Secondly, we work with the business to provide the most complete and user friendly user guide. This is our strength: we provide user guides that explain how to efficiently use the application to complete the users' common tasks. We do it in a friendly way: Simple solutions in a Smart way. We enhance our services through standardisation of procedures and also through tests cases. We facilitate the improvement of the in-house applications. We provide the training to users. We provide the documentation in English and in French.

Here is the list of our most common services. We adapt easily to the needs and requirements of our clients. In other words, each service can be provided by itself or be part of a whole project. We work on clients' sites, for confidential purposes and also for better communication with the people involved.

1. Update/create technical documentation

2. Improve the ergonomy of the software GUI

3. Update/create test plans

4. Update/create business procedures

5. Standardise procedures

6. Update/create process workflows

7. Update/create complete user guides

8. Create quick reference cards

9. Provide customised software training


Arielle Benadi