Organization Development Initiatives -

Planned effort to increase an organization's relevance and viability.

1. Path Finding

Pathfinding is about vision, mission, purpose, values and behavior. It is critical that the team decides on what values and behavior are required to achieve the vision or mission.

2. Unblocking Organizational Communication

The program attempts to relate communication effectiveness to organizational performance. The program provides a powerful tool to track what is often the most important of all management problems, thereby releasing energy for the achievement of corporate goals.

3. Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking clarifies and articulates the direction the client organization wishes to pursue. Help organizations decide how they are going to respond to the opportunities and fight threats.

4. Building a Team

This intervention examines both the socio-emotional and task issues of the team. The organization will be able to improve the team climate and increase their chances of achieving their agreed goals.

5. Creating High Performance Teams

Creating the High Performance Team will enable the organization to instill in their employees a sense of shared responsibility, encourage communication, and create teams that excel.

6. New Team Start-Up

To accelerate the processes by which individual group members coordinate their efforts and become an efficient and effective team.

7. Leadership Transition Planning

To provide an opportunity for a work group to analyze the impact of and plan its adjustment to a new leader or manager.

8. Intergroup Team Building

To examine and improve the total work effectiveness of two interdependent work groups.

9.Transition Planning

To help organizations to deal with the human side of organizational change.

10. Managing Change

To provide a means for teams, workgroups, departments, business units, and organizations to learn and apply key principles of change.

11. Others

Customized programs to meet clients needs