Course Design and Re-Design

Are your training courses designed to make learning happen? Are your staff participating in learning as active participants or are they passive listeners? Are your courses saturated with lectures, one way communication, information-heavy slides and little or no involvement from passive learners? Are your courses catering for multi-sensory learners? How much transfer of learning occurs back at the workplace?

If this sounds familiar to you, your training programs need a revamp.

We know that effective training must

· be learner focused

· involve learners in relevant and meaningful activities

· be practical and hands-on

· be informative

· be challenging

· involve feedback

· involve 2 or more way communication

We specialise in turning passive listeners into active learners by introducing activity, variety and participation through redesigning eg

· the content, its sequence and flow

· lectures into interactive structured learning activities aligned

with learning outcomes

· media support materials

· learner materials

Qualities of an active learning environment are embedded in the design.

We specialise in course design and redesign. To do this effectively we work closely with the client to determine learning needs and outcomes.


Louise Gilbert